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Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management

From the highest paid person’s opinion to financial projections and scoring models, these are just some of the most common approaches used by executives when making innovation investment allocation or project prioritization decisions. But as you move beyond your core business to evaluate new sources of growth, the traditional financial approaches become increasingly less reliable.  Why?

Innovation is Not About Ideas!

One of the fondest wishes of a CEO is to create an innovation culture. They aspire to lead a vibrant organization, capable of beating the odds of disruption by learning and adapting to a changing world. They invest in innovation competitions, hackathons, ideas schemes, and similar high-participation events. They see the flood of new ideas from employees and customers that results is evidence things are changing, that innovation is happening.

Beating the Odds of Disruption
Beating the Odds of Disruption

Large firms often struggle to prosper in the face of market disruption. Recently, many have adopted Design Thinking and ‘Lean Agile’ techniques, but have these techniques moved the needle towards building disruptive new businesses? Are incumbents any better placed to beat disruption? And, if some are, what can we learn about how they’ve succeeded where others have failed?

Corporate Incubation: the Key to Innovation in an Uncertain Market
Innovation Portfolio Management Survey
California Management Review Best Article 2020 Award
Innovation is Not About Ideas!
Innovation is Not About Ideas!
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