Our clients are CEOs, senior teams, business unit leaders, and heads of innovation or strategy, with a transformation challenge. They lead successful organizations at an inflection point, as they seek to lead disruption. Often, the strategy is clear; the gap is execution. We bring methods, tools, and a supportive approach, to accelerate progress.  Below, some of our clients speak below about our impact on them and their organizations.

"Change Logic helped us do what we needed to do with more clarity and more purpose. What I loved about it is that they don’t really tell you what to do, they give you their methods, they listen, and that helps you build your own capability for the team."



Aicha Evans, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer

Intel Corporation


"I worked with the founders of Change Logic as we built IBM Life Sciences. Everyone said growth that rapid could not be done, within 3 years we'd done it, built a $1B business inside IBM...the Change Logic's method played a big role in this story."

Carol Kovac, former VP/GM

IBM Life Sciences

"We came together with Change Logic at a critical moment in LexisNexis' history. Engaging Change Logic dramatically improved our ability to link our execution to our strategy."

Mike Walsh, CEO

LexisNexis Legal and Professional


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