Data Science is Important - Change Management Requires Data Science and Companies Aren’t Ready


Change Logic co-founders Mike Tushman and Andy Binns discuss how data science is becoming increasingly important in change management and how companies can prepare themselves to lead in the data-driven future.


“Although it will take time, we will finally be able to close the causal loop and make reliable predictions for how an action or initiative in a change program will shift a given metric. This will move investment in change from an act of faith to one of data-informed judgment. Change management will move from a project-based discipline struggling to justify adequate investment to one that is advising on business outcomes and how to deliver them.


Mike and Andy propose 5 win/win steps to take now to start building towards the data-driven change management of the future. What steps has your firm taken to digitize and collect data on change management efforts?


Read full article in Harvard Business Review

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